Now/Then  clearing buckthorn in a pine forest

Goats like eating buckthorn and many  varieties of nuisance plant matter. In a herd type mowing system they will browse through many diverse landscape settings to mitigate  overgrown brush and weeds.

What do the goats do?



If you have an area of overgrown brush (Buck Thorn, poison Ivy, Poison Oak, and other nuisance brush or weeds) consider goat grazing !  

The goats can move in and around larger trees and obstacles like rocks and sloped areas which is hard for people and/or machinery to maneuver through. 

 The goats are set in a prearranged area which is enclosed by fencing and they focus on eating their way through the thickest bush and weeds.  They can eat vegetation at heights of up to 6 feet off the ground. 

 By eating the live plants and seeds they leave only droppings (fertilizer)  The digestive system of the goat breaks down plant seed and there is little re germination of the plant's seed after. (This wouldn't happen from hand cutting or mowing)  

 The goats will graze specific areas and for a specific time period (Controlled grazing) They typically eat from their line of sight and up first and leaving grasses for last.  By clearing the upper vegetation the sun can get through to the under layers of grass and promote future grass growth while sequestering carbon. (Herbicides will kill grasses you may not want to lose)

How do I get started?



Give us a call or email with a description of your project area.  

Tom 612-423-3991

Some information we need to get started are:

Location (address and project location)

Brush and plant material most concerned with.

When you would like to have the grazing started.

We are based in the Twin City Metro, North & West metro counties as well as the Brainerd Lakes area.


Midwest Goat Mitigation clearing buckthorn in Minneapolis

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